Will and inheritance dispute time limits

The earlier you take advice the better. The time limit that applies depends on the type of Will or inheritance claim that you have. Each case is different but the time limit can be as little as six months. With cases of contesting a Will the court has the power to reject a claim if it considers there have been significant and unjustifiable delays in the claim being notified.

This is a complex area of law and you should always take legal advice on your specific circumstances. Also we can advise on the rare occasions where it is possible to apply to extend a time limit.

Also it is best to gather together evidence as early as possible – especially if there is a risk it may be disposed of. Where witness statements are needed, the sooner statements are taken the better – before people’s memories fade.

With Will claims and probate disputes the other reason for acting quickly is that it is far easier to sort out the claim before the property, land, money and possessions have already been distributed to the wrong people.

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Sometimes the next step will be to instruct us to represent you. Sometimes the next step may be to use our £99 Ask the Legal Expert service where we can review your particular circumstances on more detail, discuss your options with you and answer your questions and concerns – so you can plan your next steps.

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