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1 in 4 wills in a recent study by the Legal Services Board failed their official assessment, meaning they were either completely invalid or didn’t properly reflect what the person wanted to happen. Getting the right person to prepare your will is vital.

All QualitySolicitors’ wills are individually prepared by local expert lawyers, giving you complete peace of mind that they are legally valid and that your wishes will be followed. Whether you want to ensure your family is provided for or have complex financial planning requirements, there’s a service suitable for your circumstances.

What type of Will do I need

We offer three different types of will, each of which is then tailored to your particular circumstances by our expert lawyers.


  • This is the starting point where your circumstances are straight- forward . It covers issues such as:
  • Everything you own being left to one person or to all children equally.
  • Some specific gifts
  • The option of ensuring that gifts to children are only re- ceived at a certain age.
  • A gift to charity Appointing Guardians
  • Your funeral wishes
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Protector Plus

  • This covers more complex issues such as:
  • Gifts such as a house where the benefit is limited to a per- sons life
  • Protecting assets so they go to children of a previous relation- ship.
  • Protecting your property (assets) to avoid it being used to over the costs of care.
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Financial Protector

  • This is the most complicated type of Will providing you with bespoke protection on issues such as:
  • Reducing Inheritance Tax on business
  • Protecting property from pass- ing outside of the family due to divorce, remarriage or bank- ruptcy
  • Giving a gift so that the person receiving it does not lose means tested benefits or tax relief.
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