Terms of a Will

Unfortunately the terms of a Will can lead to disagreements between those left behind when someone passes away. It's a highly sensitive time for all concerned and naturally there are often disputes about who's included and who isn't. Very often the best way to resolve matters is to seek expert guidance from someone impartial.

How we can help

At QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby our legal team can offer basic advice on this area of law.  If you are in dispute about part of a Will, or even an entire estate, we will explain your rights in the simplest language we can. We can also do the same if your role is reversed and someone is disputing your right to an inheritance or being a beneficiary.

Starting the trust process

Our Clear Price Guarantee means that our charges will be quoted before we start work for you - and if there's a charge on your bill that we haven't advised you of beforehand you don't have to pay it, simple as that.

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