Social mobility…

The Law Society is quite keen on social mobility and has recently introduced the 2017 Law Society Social Mobility Ambassadors.

One Ambassador said, “When I arrived in this country, I knew no one. I remember a time when I had to sleep in a telephone booth with nowhere to go and no one to tell…  even when faced with difficulties, it was holding on to a belief in the possible and remembering the lesson of looking beyond my circumstances that enabled me to persevere and succeed.”

Whilst I have been fortunate enough to always have a roof over my head, I am very much aware of the difficulties faced by those with a lack of money and opportunity.

I grew up in Toxteth, a deprived area of Liverpool that was hit by the 1980’s riots. It effectively never recovered but is no longer a “no go” area for the Police. My dad was unemployed for 9 years having been made redundant during the 80s and the economic downturn that it endured for much of the decade. The problem was his age but also the post code. Neither of which went in his favour when attempting to find work.

My mum was a housewife so for nine years there was very little income coming into the house. I went to school in clothes my aunty made for me and my grandparents bought my shoes – sturdy doc Martins… which looked ridiculous with my very skinny legs.

Luckily for me, I was always encouraged to be what I wanted to be and was always safe in the knowledge that it did not matter what I achieved as my family were proud of me anyway.

I agree wholeheartedly with Joe Egan, Law Society president, “Our vision is of a profession in which all solicitors – present and aspiring - can be confident that talent, ability and application are rewarded irrespective of background, gender or ethnicity.”

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