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Victoria Square, Birmingham - Solicitors in BirminghamWhen looking for a solicitor, it’s important to find the right fit. You want a legal professional who has a wealth of experience in his or her field, is reputable and trusted by clients, is local to the Birmingham area, has local knowledge and expert contacts in the relevant field, and who will actively listen to you. Our solicitors in Birmingham have all of these qualities and more.

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Davisons Law has been established for over 30 years, With 12 offices in the United Kingdom, Davisons have a strong team of solicitors experienced in personal law services and business law services. This includes areas such as conveyancing, debt and disputes, family and employment law for personal services and Partnership disputes, buying and selling business property and more for business services. With a track record of success, we aim to help you through your legal battles and provide the best outcome possible.

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At QualitySolicitors our clients are at the heart of everything we do so you can expect a warm welcome, quick and efficient work, and solicitors who keep you up-to-date with all significant developments. We also have a Clear Price Guarantee so that there are no surprises for anyone, and we warmly welcome any questions you might have as your case progresses.

For legal advice with a customer service focus, please get in touch. We have a number of solicitors in Birmingham, including Cotteridge, Birmingham city centre, Edgbaston, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, and Weoley Castle. Use the links below to get in touch with the closest branch to you. Alternatively, you can call our national helpline number on 08082747557, and we'll get you where you need to be.

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Legal services in Birmingham

Our solicitors in Birmingham pride themselves on providing the very best legal services and advice. They work on a wide variety of service areas including, but not limited to: 

Sometimes, you might not be sure if you need to speak with a solicitor. Below we offer more detail about some of the legal services we offer to help you work out if our service might be right for you. Of course, you can phone a QualitySolicitors firm for a Free Initial Assessment and get a clear answer on the best path forward.


Buying or selling property is probably one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make, and so it’s important to give any decision considered thought before moving forward. Our solicitors in Birmingham will talk you through the full conveyancing process and ensure you’re in the best position possible.

Our property law solicitors help people enter the market for the first time, support families looking to upsize or retirees looking to downsize, and guide those looking to invest or expand their existing property portfolio. We’re able to support straightforward transactions through to complex cases with long chains or sourcing title deeds to register unregistered properties.

The conveyancing steps involved in buying or selling are similar but do of course, carry key differences. We take care of all the legal aspects for you, from property, area and miscellaneous investigations, to negotiations where we’re able to draft or thoroughly check over the contract for sale and facilitate the exchange of contracts and sale.

Our goal is to ensure your property transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Having a solicitor local to you in Birmingham means you have the option of face-to-face meetings if you choose, as well as access to expert local knowledge.

Property law

Property law is complex, which is why it’s so important to have trusted advice that you can rely on to protect your best interests. Whether you have or are looking to acquire an equitable or legal interest in the property, it always pays to seek professional legal advice.

Our property solicitors in Birmingham cover all aspects of property law, whether you’re looking to buy or sell, remortgage or change the beneficial interest arrangements, or you have a property dispute that you need to be settled quickly and effectively. There are a great variety of matters in the area of property law that extends well beyond conveyancing that lawyers can assist with. Living in a property or leasing a property both carry particular sets of rights that can be enforced through a range of legal instruments.

Some of the matters our solicitors in Birmingham have assisted clients with include landlord or tenancy advice, property disputes, including boundary disputes or party wall matters, lease extensions or lease surrender negotiations, disrepair claims, rent recovery and tenancy evictions.

Whatever the property matter, clients can secure a quicker resolution and better outcome by contacting our professional team of property lawyers in Birmingham.


Going through a divorce can cause a lot of turmoil, whether you are going through the separation on your own terms, you would like to contest the divorce or there are children involved. There are many varying factors that will impact on the legal process of getting a divorce as well as on how any financial arrangements are agreed.

Our family law solicitors in Birmingham provide the highest level of support for families of all shapes and sizes going through the difficult process of divorce. The team at QualitySolicitors Davisons hold the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation, which is the quality mark for family law practitioners. Clients can rest easy knowing they’ll have reliable and trusted advice to sort through everything from legal queries to practical arrangements.

Some of the legal advice we provide to families in and near Birmingham relates to where families will live, what to do if there is a risk of domestic violence or abuse, how to work through child contact disagreements and establish a plan that focuses on the child’s wellbeing first and foremost, and what a fair settlement might look like, including when you have a lot of assets or if you are in a vulnerable financial position compared to your ex-partner.

Our family lawyers in Birmingham are able to support with straightforward, uncontested divorces as well as complex divorces that might involve large asset portfolios, international family law, or contested arrangements.

Family Law

Nothing is more important than family, which is why shifts in the structure or dynamics can be worrying and lead to a number of questions about ‘what’s next?’ Equally, exciting changes like new starts and chapters in relationships can raise a number of questions. Seeking professional legal advice is a sure-fire way of navigating the best path forward. Our family solicitors in Birmingham work with couples, young families, established families, nuclear families, blended families and everyone in between.

People have typically sought our advice for family challenges they’ve faced, such as divorce, civil partnership dissolution or relationship breakdown. As a part of those family changes, we also advise on living, financial and child arrangements. It may also be the case that existing arrangements are no longer appropriate, and so we’re able to negotiate new agreements even in situations where there has been a complete breakdown in communication.

Our support is also available for those starting a new life together as a couple. Couples choosing to live together without getting married are the fastest growing family type in the UK, but they are not afforded the same legal protections as married couples. To help address this, we draft Cohabitation Agreements (also known as Living Together Agreements) that set out clear wishes and divisions for a number of potentially contentious areas should the relationship break down. We also work with couples who will be marrying to put Pre-nuptial Agreements in place to save any miscommunication or fallout further down the line.

As family lawyers in Birmingham, we’re local to you and can deal with any queries promptly and face-to-face when needed.

Employment Law

Experiencing problems at work can cause a great deal of stress, particularly when those problems relate to your health and safety, your pay, leave entitlements, how you’re treated by management and colleagues, or your conditions of employment.

Speaking with your direct line manager may have been unfruitful and left you with more questions and concerns. When you’ve flagged the issue with higher management, you might not have been taken seriously or you might not be satisfied with the outcome. If you find yourself in this situation, speak to one of our employment solicitors in Birmingham.

There are 32 million employees across the UK, each with protected rights under the Employment Rights Act 1996. You have certain rights regardless of whether you are in a full-time, part-time, job-share or contract position. Our Birmingham-based employment solicitors know the law like the back of their hand as well as the local industries, meaning they can offer support no matter your role or profession.

For confidential legal advice about a range of employment law issues, including contract disputes, bullying or discrimination, maternity and paternity rights, compromise agreements, redundancy, unlawful deductions to pay, Employment Tribunal matters, or disciplinary and grievance procedures, get in touch.


Death can be an uncomfortable topic for many, even when speaking about it with family or friends. Not talking about it and planning ahead, though, can cause more distress in the event of your passing as your loved ones will be in the dark about any last wishes you may have had.

Not having a Will also means that any assets or priceless items you wanted to leave to particular individuals could end up in the hands of others. The Rules of Intestacy will apply where there is no Will, which set out strict inheritance rules for spouses and immediate family members and could spell restrictions for people you might have wanted to inherit all or part of your estate.

To avoid uncertainty and to take advantage of sound tax and estate planning, speak to one of our Private Client solicitors in Birmingham. Several members of QualitySolicitors Davisons’ team have full STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) membership, meaning you’re protected by the highest industry standards and are in the best hands.

As trust and estate specialists, our Birmingham team have the experience necessary to advise you on the best ways to minimise liability for tax and how to shelter assets, whether they’re for your later enjoyment or future generations. We can also help you to put in place standard protections with basic Will planning, either for yourself or for you and your partner.

About Birmingham

Solicitors in Birmingham, Birmingham Canal near Birmingham ArenaBirmingham is a large city in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. It’s the second most populous metropolitan area in the UK, after London. Birmingham is renowned for its cultural and historical significance, as well as its distinctive architecture, such as the Birmingham Bullring, Birmingham Town Hall, St Martin’s Church, the Selfridges building and the new Library of Birmingham (one of the largest, most distinctive and important libraries in Europe).

Birmingham's Past

Historically a market town, Birmingham grew during the Industrial Revolution and became a hub of economic development in the UK. Birmingham was also the birthplace of the Watt steam engine, which was one of the most significant inventions that aided the industrial revolution.

Birmingham in the present

Modern-day Birmingham is primarily an international commercial centre with a large focus on the service industry. It’s an important hub for transport, events (at centres like the National Exhibition Centre), retail and more. It’s also widely known for it’s entertainment venues, such as what was the National Indoor Arena (NIA), which is now called simply the ‘Arena Birmingham’, The Birmingham Symphony Hall, and numerous theatre and music venues are also scattered around the city centre and outskirts.

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