5 key factors to consider when choosing an immigration solicitor

It’s important to understand and follow UK immigration rules. These rules are some of the most important legislation that makes up the UK’s immigration law. The immigration rules are broken down into separate documents dependent on the circumstances.

Due to the complexity of the immigration rules, it’s important to take due care and diligence in choosing the right immigration solicitor for your immigration process. There are some key factors that you may wish to consider. 

  1. Accreditations, qualifications and expertise

    The UK Immigration Directorate sets strict guidelines when applying for any UK Visa. One small error, a spelling mistake or omission of a document can result in your visa application being refused. This is why it’s important to choose a qualified and experienced immigration solicitor or immigration law firm.

    Accreditations include being registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)and, where possible, with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. They should also have Immigration and Asylum Law Accreditation with The Law Society.

    It’s important to check the firm’s website and read about the firm’s experience. How long have they been practising? Do they have immigration specialists in their team? Are there any case studies or testimonials? It’s key to do your research and ensure that the firm, and the lawyer, have the expertise you’re looking for.

  2. Reputation and reviews

    Testimonials are a great way to check out a firm’s credibility. Past clients are always the best advocates for law firms and solicitors. Read through the testimonials on the website but also check out review platforms that the firm appears on. The best, unfiltered review platform is Google. Look at the reviews and what past clients say about working with them. 

    Everyone’s experience is unique to them, but reviews provide an overview of the type and level of service you’d receive.

  3. Cost and fees

    The average fee for Home Office applications is around £1,100.00. The price range for immigration solicitors or immigration firms can vary. Clients are often charged by the hour, and the total cost can vary from £1,000 to £10,000. 

    Costs depend completely on the complexity of your case and/or the legal professional or firm you instruct. Law firms regulated by the SRA are required to be transparent with their pricing structure, meaning costs should be found on firm websites.

  4. Communication and languages are spoken.

    When choosing an immigration lawyer or immigration Advice, it’s comforting when there is no language barrier. Check out their people pages and see if it states if any additional languages are spoken. Immigration law can be complicated to explain, so it’s important to have the opportunity for documents and processes to be translated in a way that both you and your immigration solicitor can understand.

    If you cannot find the information on their website, email or telephone the firm to ask them if a translator is available. Most firms, if they don’t have native speakers of the language, then they will have a relationship with translation agencies who can help.

    When choosing an immigration solicitor, it’s important that they are able to understand what you need and can explain it to you in a reassuring way.

  5. Experience and success rate

    As part of your research into choosing the right immigration solicitor or immigration law firm, it’s important to find out what their success rate is. If this information can not be found on their website or by reading their client reviews, then ask them. 

    You need to choose an immigration firm where you have a high chance of being successful.

    Research is key. Many law firms will say how they specialise in immigration, but it’s important to make sure you do your research and choose the best immigration lawyer for you. 


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