Antisocial Behaviour and its impact on Individuals and society

Antisocial behaviour refers to conduct or actions that result in the disturbance of social norms and the safety of people or communities. These actions are considered violent and offensive and are disruptive to others in society.

Impact of Antisocial behaviour 

Antisocial behaviour has a wide range of impacts on individuals and communities as a whole. It creates feelings of fear and insecurity as people feel unsafe while moving around, and it can also have harmful effects on health and well-being. Also, in some cases, it causes damage to properties and public places as well. 

Types of Antisocial Behaviour

There are various types of Antisocial behaviour:

  1. Harassment

    Harassment is any unwanted actions directed towards an individual causing distress or fear. Verbal abuse is a type of harassment where people use offensive language to humiliate or insult another person. Also, threats are harassment which involves the expression of damage and harm to other people.   

  2. Vandalism

    Vandalism is a type characterised by intense damage to property and can involve physical harm to other people. Unauthorised marking, painting scratching, breaking or damaging on public or private walls without the permission of local authorities are a few examples of vandalism.

  3. Aggression

    Aggression aims to harm other people, including fights, assaults, bullying and threatening behaviour. Both physical and verbal aggression are considered abusive behaviour and cause violence, and have detrimental effects on society's well-being.

  4. Public Intoxication

    Consuming alcohol excessively in public places leads towards disruptive behaviour and public nuisance, which can not only have negative effects on individuals around. 

  5. Cyber Bullying

    Cyberbullying involves using electronic devices to harass, threaten or target someone on the internet using different online channels like text messages, emails, or other social media platforms. For example, spreading rumours or posting hurtful comments or exposing someone's private life. 

How to report antisocial behaviour

Reporting antisocial behaviour is an important step towards addressing the issue. You can simply report it by calling the police, or if you want to get legal advice on this issue, feel free to contact us


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