Divorce is a-coming?

Ahhh, Christmas is in the air; happy carefree times, sledging down snowy slopes, cosy kisses on cold park benches, dazzling decorations, tinsel and trees, and all with your penguin best friend.

Actually...okay yes, that’s just the John Lewis advert.

Christmas can feel very very different in real life to more people than you may imagine.  In fact, in a recent poll commissioned by QualitySolicitors, a massive 22% of married people say they worry about the pressure that this Christmas is going to put on their marriage.

And, a staggering one in six (16%) actually believe this Christmas could be their last together as a married couple.

You only have to switch on the gigantic HD telly you bought in last year’s Boxing Day sale to find a proliferation of slick mini-epic Christmas advertising spewing forth, with quality ranging from ‘sickly’ to ‘sweet’.  But of course Advertland only ever displays a kind of perfection that almost all of us will find unattainable.  And at no other time of year is that felt more intensely than during Christmas.

Well, we have a lot to live up to.

According to the Ad Men, if we’re to match Christmas perfection then we must buy everyone perfect presents with an unlimited budget, pile them all waist-high by our enormous Christmas tree, knock up a perfect Christmas dinner for too-many-to-count guests (who all behave impeccably without any disagreements), after which everyone goes outside for smile-filled snowball fights.  Later, you still have the time and energy to enjoy a well-earned late-night cuddle up together on the sofa in front of a log fire with chocolates and Baileys.

Compare the above with your own reality of not knowing what to buy your loved ones, and then fighting through the shopping crowds when you’ve finally decided.  All those queues!  Then joining the claustrophobic Ikea-like meandering procession up and down supermarket aisles trying to work out who will and won’t eat what during Christmas dinner.  Even longer queues!  Then there’s hyper-anxiety about hosting festive get-togethers and making sure all your guests are simply having a wonderful Christmas time.  And no matter how much you plan family visits, your mother in law insists on ‘helping out’, including well-intentioned (or not) advice on how to cook the turkey properly.  Do you really wish it could be Christmas every day?

It’s no coincidence that January is when solicitors receive the most enquiries about divorce.

Of course, if a relationship has irretrievably broken down, and divorce is the only realistic option left, then we’re here to ensure that you have the best legal help possible.  At QualitySolicitors our solicitors really do care so you can be sure of expert assistance with a high level of customer service and where everything is explained in clear terms before it happens. 

We do sincerely hope you have a great Christmas.

But if you don’t, then rest assured we’re here when it’s all over.

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