Do you have a will?

Do you currently hold a valid, up-to-date Will? If not, what has stopped you creating one up to this point? Does the idea of creating a Will feel like too much hassle? Does the thought of talking about it just make you feel awkward and uncomfortable? Do you find it difficult to raise the subject with elderly relatives?

If so, you are not alone. Research has revealed that 70% of adults aged over 50 in the UK don’t currently hold a valid Will. Even amongst those who do have one, nearly half (46%) admit they have had a major life change since they last reviewed it.

So what are the reasons people delay creating a Will? One in four (25%) of over 50 some-things say they are worried about the potential costs involved and 18% say that the idea simply ‘hadn’t occurred to them’. Amongst thirty-somethings, 19% admit they feel uncom-fortable discussing their personal circumstances with a solicitor. 

One in five of all UK adults (21%) say they are concerned about the cost of writing a Will, even though a Will can be created for as little as £75 with QualitySolicitors for a simple single Will. 1 in 5 (21%) people don’t feel they have ‘enough assets to make it worthwhile’, neglecting to consider social and digital assets such as their Facebook profile or i-Tunes collections and what would happen to them after their time. 

At QualitySolicitors we understand that talking about Wills and the prospect of passing away can be an uncomfortable topic for many people. As well as feeling awkward when discussing the area, people often worry that raising the issue of inheritance may lead to disputes amongst their closest family members. In our experience however, we often find that the absence of a Will, or the ambiguity within an outdated one, is the most common cause of family dispute so keeping an up-to-date record is crucial. 

In spite of all people’s concerns, 31% of UK adults admit they would more be comfortable discussing the subject if they could have either an independent forum/mediator to discuss the issue with their family. Quality Solicitors are offering free advice over the phone to anyone who would like to ask a their will experts their opinion prior to an initial face-to-face meeting.

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