Wills & LPAs: Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind

Thinking about the future can be a daunting task. We're always eager to plan future holidays, purchases or fun events, but can we say we are just as organised about protecting ourselves and our loved ones for whatever challenges the future holds for us? That is where our friendly and experienced solicitors dealing with Wills & LPAs can help. Click here to find your nearest solicitor.

Have you ever worried about who will care for your spouse or partner, children, parents or pets after you die or been troubled by what will happen to your belongings or home after you have gone? One method of guaranteeing surety and peace of mind for the future is by making a Will.

A Will gives you the power to decide how your loved ones are provided for and how your estate, including your belongings, money and your house, are dealt with after your death. At QualitySolicitors, we have seen many instances of distress and hardship caused by the lack of a Will. Regardless of whether you are single, married or in a civil partnership, have children or other dependents, a small or large estate, live abroad, own property overseas, hold a share in a business, have re-married or are in a second relationship, a Will can hold vital importance on administering someone’s estate on their death.

Do you sometimes consider who will look after you in your old age or perhaps consider where you might be living and who might be helping you make decisions? Have you considered who might be making them for you, on matters involving money and medication? Another way of helping to plan a secure and stress-free future is by appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney. If in the future, if you become unable to understand or deal with your own affairs, you would need someone you can trust and rely on to make important decisions for you. They would be your attorney.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs) is available for two areas of your life: Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare. A Property & Finance LPA would give your attorney the authority to access your bank account to pay bills, collect your pension or benefits, making investments, and the ability the sell your house or other assets on your behalf.

A Health & Welfare LPA permits your attorney the power to decide your day-day care arrangements if you can no longer care for yourself, including where you live, how you should dress, what you eat, and what you like to do. If you wish, this can include giving your attorney the power to accept or refuse life-sustaining treatment on your behalf.

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How can Quality Solicitors help?

Our network of friendly, professional solicitors can help you write a Will that will ensure your decisions and wishes are recorded clearly and concisely, so that the people and organisations that you care for most are provided for after your death.

Our network of solicitors can also assist in the preparation and registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney so that you are looked after and your affairs dealt with, in accordance with your preferences and wishes, if you are unable to care for yourself and your affairs in the future.

The majority of our solicitors offer fixed fee services for standard Wills and LPAs that can cater to whatever it is you need, including package options to make arrangements for both at the same time. If you and your spouse or partner want to make provisions for the future, we offer a reduced rate on both Wills and LPAs if you come in together. Our expert team want to help you safeguard your future and the future of your loved ones, and would be glad to discuss your options with you in a clear, stress-free and cost-effective way.

If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team on how you can put a Will or LPA in place, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 08082747557 to find your nearest solicitor

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