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The most a lawyer can ordinarily do, is change the lives of a few individuals

Introdution to our new blog.

A two-day course run by Revival Lincoln persuaded QualitySolicitors Burton & Co that a blog is an untapped opportunity to connect with our city, Lincolnshire and the wider community.

What to expect, then.

QualitySolicitors has been about getting rid of the stuffy old lawyer image. The blogs we have considered reinforce that view in our minds. The pattern is – some news out of context, case transcript, advert for services, repeat.

This is a call to arms – an opportunity to follow the goings-on of a High Street law firm in a changing legal landscape, shot through with insight, comment, legal updates, tips and the humour and irreverence of working life (because lawyers are humans too) – but all of this related and relevant to local people.

Stick with us – Ed

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