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Providing an expert Criminal Defence service

QualitySolicitors Burton & Co have always had a proud and professional attitude in providing the people of Lincolnshire with friendly legal advice in the area of Criminal Defence.

With the increasing volume of crime, changes within the Government’s stance by way of Legal Aid cuts, and the profession in general, we have proved to be one of the most successful Criminal Departments in Lincolnshire.  We shall not portray ourselves as the best solicitors dealing with conspiracy offences, nor multi million pound fraudsters or any other speciality within criminal defence.  However, to practice in Criminal Defence means that we have a great deal of knowledge and experience that covers all offending.  We treat all our clients with the same care and attention that they deserve.  As ever, the Criminal Defence Team at QualitySolicitors Burton & Co is committed to assisting those accused of criminal offences.

Our Criminal Defence Team is available 24 hours a day each day of the week all year round to advise suspects at the police station.  This includes pre-arranged voluntary interviews where suspects should not be under the misapprehension that because it’s voluntary nothing further will happen.  Think about that logically; why would the police want to speak to you if you have not been implicated in one way or another, even if out of spite?  It is usually the case that what you say or do not say at your interview will have some significant bearing on the outcome of any court proceedings, if they follow.  Do not be fooled or persuaded that your stay at the police station will be longer if you ask for a solicitor.  We have strict time obligations within which we must attend and it is often that we are sat around waiting for the police to call us that they are ready.

A lot of us can be sure we will never commit a crime, but what we can't guarantee is that no one will accuse us of a crime.  Get legal representation - ask for QualitySolicitors Burton & Co when being questioned.

Like all other firms in Lincolnshire, we have our fair share of representing persons appearing at the Magistrates’ Court for the first time as Duty Solicitor.  When acting in this capacity we have recently noticed an upward trend in the number of defendants appearing at court for quite serious offences, where the defendant would be eligible for Legal Aid.  Had they come to see us beforehand, we could assist with applying for Legal Aid, obtaining the evidence from the prosecution and being far better prepared for the court hearing.  This would give the defendant more confidence in the representation and avoiding the feeling of being rushed.  The Government is placing more and more burdens on those that help the public, the NHS, the Education Authority and Criminal Defence firms.  The majority of people will immediately point to the first two as being given far more priority than Criminal Defence, but what is often forgotten is that Criminal Defence also impacts on the witness and/or victims.  They will want to see proper justice administered, and they will want to make sure the correct person is punished, and not an innocent person, which would allow the real offender to perhaps strike again.

If you do face court proceedings, get legal representation.  Book an appointment with QualitySolicitors Burton & Co as soon as you receive any notice of court proceedings.

Despite reductions in Legal Aid fees we are committed to providing the same care and attention to detail each individual deserves no matter what the offence.  We have an extensive knowledge of all Criminal Law and strive to assist all that are accused of falling foul of it.  We truly have a great team of people with real expertise, dedication and loyalty, from support staff to the Senior Partner and Head of the Department.

We have real expertise combined with a unique character.  We are agile enough to adapt to any situation, and shall be available to be called upon at any time, whilst still providing that quality service that the client deserves.

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