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Criminal Legal Aid Contract Success

QualitySolicitors Burton & Co are delighted to announce that we have been successful in bidding for and winning one of only 5 Duty Solicitor Provider Contracts in Crime in Lincolnshire.

To be able to fulfil the new contract we will be looking to recruit, details of which can be found on our Careers page.

We have for sometime had a Crown Court vacancy advertised but will now be seeking a Senior Solicitor with all relevant qualifications to head up this exciting new era for the firm. In addition we will be requiring at least one full time Criminal Solicitor and an experienced Crown Court clerk with Police Station accreditation.

The Tender process itself was extended over a number of months because of various Judicial Review cases brought against it. It was an extremely detailed and complex document and we at QualitySolicitors Burton & Co want to thank the QualitySolicitors organisation for their massive input with "the Pitch Doctor" and organising training and assistance in order that we were able to be successful.

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