Commerical Property

If you're in need of commercial property advice, we can help with business leases and licences, buying and selling business property and planning law.

Agricultural Property

If you're in need of agricultural property advice, we can help. We have many years experiance working with the farming community throughout Lincolnshire.


If you are involved in a business dispute, we can advise on defamation and brand protection, director/shareholder disputes and partnership disputes.

Managing your business

We can help you with administration and duties, company formationcontracts & agreementsdata protectionregulatory compliance & inspections.

Employment law

We offer legal advice on employment documentation  and policiesemployment tribunals, human resources,
restructuring & redundancy.

Buying or selling a business?

If you are buying a new business or selling one you own, or are in the process of merging or investing, expert legal advice ensures your deal is done properly. 

Here's where QualitySolicitors Burton & Co can provide the kind of specialist business law advice that could really give you a strong commercial advantage over your competitors.

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