Our team will work with you to find the best outcome, a resolution that avoids unnecessary costs, time and worry.

Disputes can arise for any number of reasons. You may have a boundary dispute with a neighbour, a disagreement with family members over the terms of a will or perhaps you have a claim against a company for quality of workmanship, services or goods.

Whatever the reason, our expert lawyers based in Lincoln and Sleaford will advise you of the best options to resolve your dispute and perhaps most importantly the timescales and costs of each route. This could include the possibility of mediation. Wherever possible we will try to resolve by negotiation to bring the matter to a conclusion as quickly as we can in your favour.

As litigation experts you can be confident that we have experienced lawyers who are equipped with the skills to conclude a case at Court if necessary.

We are happy to provide an initial advice with no cost to you, which will give you a base from which you can make an informed choice about the action you want to take next.