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Family Law

Problems at home can be extremely stressful and emotionally draining times in your life. Whether it’s the breakdown of your relationship, concerns regarding your children, or worries about finances as a result of a separation; swift resolution to the issue is always at the forefront of your mind. At Hillyer Mckeown we’re dedicated to helping you understand your legal options, married or unmarried, we help you move forward and resolve your situation as quickly and with as little stress as possible.

Relationship Breakdown

We have over 50 years of experience dealing with family law, so we understand the complexities of a relationship breakdown. Emotions run high and it can often seem like the process will last a lifetime. That’s why whether it’s a divorce, splitting and sharing assets, or custody of children after a separation, our highly trained solicitors can help you work through the legal aspects of a relationship breakdown to find the clearest path through to the other side.

Children Issues

Your children are the most important aspect of your life and encountering legal issues surrounding their wellbeing, custody, or maintenance payments after a separation can be a difficult and upsetting experience. Our qualified solicitors have an in-depth knowledge of the legalities regarding children, we aim to help you find peace of mind and to provide support to ensure you resolve the issues fast, responsibly and affordably.

Pre & Post-nuptial Agreements

Getting married is an exciting time in your life. It’s inevitable that discussions of finances will arise at this time, and sometimes planning for the worst is a sensible financial decision. Pre-nuptial agreements (sometimes referred to as ‘prenup’ or ‘pre-marital agreement’) can be an effective way of protecting your assets should your relationship come to an end. However sensible, it can still be a sensitive topic to discuss with your partner, that’s why we offer support and education around the options regarding pre-nuptial agreements. Our aim is to help both you and your partner find the best possible solution to ensure you get off to a great start in your life together.

A post-nuptial agreement (also called a post-nup or a post-marital agreement) offers a similar solution as a pre-nuptial agreement albeit after a couple has already married. At Hillyer Mckeown we’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of a post-nuptial agreements and our experienced team of professionals will provide the tools and support you need to give you the financial security you deserve.

Our expertise covers a variety of family law services, such as:

  • Children Issues
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Financial issues
  • Inheritance claims
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Divorce and separation

 To find out how we can help you, arrange a conversation with one of our family law experts by calling us on 0151 5155 257.

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