Travel - delays or lost luggage

The main disputes you are likely to have with travel companies are delays to your journey and damage to your luggage.

When you buy a ticket for your journey you have a contract with the company - whether it is a bus, coach, ferry, train or airline. Their website will confirm their particular terms and conditions of the contract. The law often also applies minimum terms that they must offer you. 

Their website will usually set out what they offer if your journey was delayed or you face other problems. Most travel companies also run customer service help-lines which will be the first step to take in sorting out your problem. If this does not solve the problem then you should put your complaint in writing. If this does not resolve the problem you will need to consider mediation or finally legal action. 

The rules relating to airlines are more complicated and is summarised below (delays &  lost luggage and also damaged luggage) together with sample complaint letters intended to comply with these special rules.

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Expert legal advice you can rely on,
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