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Wills and Probate Solicitors in Coventry

Thinking about what will happen after you or a loved one dies can be a difficult thought, and one we might like to put off for as long as possible. However, the reality is that the more organised and clear we are about our last wishes earlier on in life, the less distressing it is if illness or accidents suddenly strike.

Tann Law can help you prepare a legally valid Will so that your wishes will be respected and assets protected should anything happen to you.

We can help with:

  • Advice regarding Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Contesting a will
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Probate and administration of estates listed in wills
  • Trusts and deeds of variation creation and administration
  • Wills and protection of family finances
  • Writing a will

Making a Will

There are a number of things you might consider including in your Will, such as any preferences for your funeral or burial arrangements; who or what organisations you would like to inherit your estate and assets; if you would like a Will Trust to come into effect after your death (perhaps if you’re leaving property or assets to a child who has not yet come of age); who you would like to inherit specific belongings that might not have a lot of monetary value, but carry a lot of sentimental and priceless value.

By writing a Will early, you’ll be ensuring any loved ones you wanted to make provisions for will not miss out. Without a valid Will in place, the strict Rules of Intestacy will apply and determine how your estate should be divided. These rules apply regardless of your relationship with the family members who would be entitled to inherit, which could see loved ones miss out.

If you are not married or in a civil partnership, then your partner isn’t legally entitled to anything if you die without a Will. This could affect your shared property, depending on the type of ownership. The remaining partner may be forced to sell the property or to reapply for the mortgage in their sole name. If you have children together and die without a Will, then your children will inherit everything if above the age of 18, otherwise this will be held in a trust until they reach adulthood. This means your partner won’t have direct access to any of the money, which can raise issues if they are financially dependent on you. A Will offers protection to ensure that your partner and family will be supported after you die.

Protecting your wishes after you’re gone

In the event of death, the executor of a Will has a number of legal obligations to ensure the wishes expressed in a Will are carried out and that the estate is distributed correctly. There can be personal financial penalties for failing to meet these obligations and so it’s important that any person undertaking this role knows what is expected of them by the law.

Tann Law can help executors to understand their duties and carry these out effectively. Going through the probate process can be burdensome, particularly at a time when loved ones need to grieve. We can offer as much support as needed, including taking on administrative tasks, to help make this process easier to manage and cope with.


Dealing with death in the family is difficult, you have to register the death and know a funeral needs to be arranged but what else is there. 

There are many different questions – do I deal with matters myself, the funeral directors are offering to deal with things for me, the bank want me to have an appointment with someone who can help or do I see the solicitor who has helped me or my loved one in the past? Tann Law can help with what you do next.

If you’d like legal advice on making a Will, or you’ve been named as an executor of a Will and you’re not sure on what to do after a loved one has passed away, contact us to see how we can help on  02477 287 119.

Contesting a Will or Inheritance

Tann Law have lawyers who specialise in this area and can help you if you need to:

  1. contest or challenge a will, so you receive your proper inheritance, or
  2. make a claim where there is no Will or you have been left out, or
  3. defend a will or your right to inherit – if it is being challenged by someone else.

Our lawyers understand how upsetting it can be to challenge or face a challenge to a Will when already struggling from the loss of someone you loved.

With Will disputes and family inheritance disputes it is important to act quickly. Our Free Initial Assessment service enables you to take confidential telephone advice from a specialist, to see if you have a situation where we can help. If you do, the next step is often a face to face meeting to go through the details and plan your next steps. Call us now on 02477 287 119 to see how we can help.

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