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YouGov Will Survey shows the message is still not getting through!

Between 10th and 11th October 2017 YouGov, on behalf of Royal London conducted its survey online of a cross section of 2,089 adults*.

Its findings make for uncomfortable reading – those not making Wills accounted for:

  • 60% of adults overall
  • 77% of cohabiting couples
  • 45% of couples who were married or in a registered civil partnership
  • 26% of adults aged 55 and over

Those who were discovered to have not even thought about making a will comprised:

  • 33% of adults overall
  • 45% of singles
  • 32% of cohabiting couples
  • 22% of couples who are married or in a registered civil partnership
  • 21% of separated couples

Attitudes to making Wills were reflected as follows:

  • 48% of adults with children felt that they should make a Will urgently
  • 58% of parents with children under 18 still hadn’t considered who should act as guardians if they died

Why should you make a Will?

Wills are not just for the wealthy.

  • Disputes over entitlement happen with equal frequency and ferocity in smaller estates
  • Children still need guardians even if you aren’t a millionaire

You cannot leave it to the law to meet your expectations:

  • If you remarry your existing Will is revoked and you will be without a valid Will
  • If you don’t have a valid Will the intestacy rules will share out your estate among your relatives with reference to a statutory checklist and your preferences will mean nothing; so, the relative you’ve never liked could end up entitled to some of, or all, your estate
  • If you are a cohabiting couple, the intestacy rules currently ignore you altogether leaving you to make a costly claim against the estate which could exhaust or severely affect its value to you
  • If you are divorcing but die before the divorce is complete (and before the matrimonial finances are settled by court order) your spouse or registered civil partner could still inherit, or make a substantial claim from, your estate

Why should you use Quality Solicitors Acklam Bond?

  • Quality Solicitors Acklam Bond’s legal advisers are trained, experienced professionals who can provide you with the advice you need    to achieve a valid Will
  • Quality Solicitors AcklamBond’s advice is professionally regulated and audited
  • Quality Solicitors AcklamBond’s advice is underwritten by professional indemnity insurance
  • Quality Solicitors AcklamBond’s costs are clear, transparent and tailored to your specific needs and objectives

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*Weighted and representative of all British adults aged 18 or over

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