What are consumer rights?

You undoubtedly expect life’s daily routine to run smoothly, but sometimes dealing with other people, commercial businesses and public organisations doesn’t go to plan. If so, then don’t suffer on your own; you have consumer rights that are there to support you, which means taking legal advice can often help resolve issues whenever you feel badly done to.

If you’re currently feeling hard done by after some encounter with another person or organisation, then you may need to see if your consumer rights have been infringed.

Summary of the law

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 was introduced to help prevent people and organisations in power from misusing their position in unfair or discriminatory ways. The law breaks consumer rights down into 3 areas.

  • Part 1: Consumer contracts for goods, digital content, and services
  • Part 2: Unfair terms
  • Part 3: Miscellaneous and general

The law protects your consumer rights when you buy goods and services. If  you are treated unfairly or things have gone wrong with your product or service, then this is when you may wish to seek help. Problems can include:

Who to contact for consumer rights advice

There are several helplines available where you can get advice. You can also refer your complaint to local Trading Standards Officer who may investigate the matter on your behalf.

You can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau who can give you the knowledge and confidence that you may need to find a way a way to move forward. Their website lists a number of consumer products and services and provides advice on how to prevent issues arising.

When to seek legal advice

Depending on the nature of your small claim (that is, the value of or less than £10,000), will depend on the best approach to take.

If you’ve done your research but are still running into difficulties or you just want to speak with an expert to get the matter sorted, the Contact Us. QualitySolicitors has a network of solicitors you may be able to help you and guide you to the best solution for your circumstances.

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