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  • Posted on August 20, 2018
    Whilst our feathered friends have long since fledged the nest in my garden, we are still nurturing the next generation of solicitors. Soon they too will stretch their wings.
  • Posted on July 30, 2018
    I am currently reading a book called, Women who run with Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It’s all about the Wild Woman inside of every woman and the constraints and restrictions placed upon women in modern society (and throughout history – burning witches spring to mind!). The wild woman is all about female strength, instinct, her role as life giver, healthy, passionate and wise.
  • Posted on July 27, 2018
    Tini Owens wanted to divorce her husband of 40 years, Hugh Owens, 6 years ago, although she first petitioned for divorce in 2015. She said that he treated her like a child, criticised her in public and was moody. The couple have lived separately since 2015. Yet despite Mrs Owens’s clear view that her marriage had broken down, the Supreme Court ruled this week that she would have to stay married to her husband until 2020.
  • Posted on July 23, 2018
    In a recent application to the First Tier Tribunal for the appointment of a manager for a local block of flats we had the manager successfully appointed. The Freeholder, who has failed to contribute to the maintenance and management of the building for many years, decided not to represent himself in the Tribunal proceedings. A previous manager was appointed by the First Tier Tribunal in 2014, she decided to retire before her term could be renewed; her term was completely frustrated by the Freeholder’s inaction.
  • Posted on July 19, 2018
    We are delighted to announce the arrival of four new members of staff to our Southwick office: Henna Ehsan and Sarah Hannaford in Family Law, and Dominique Arnold and Robert Kynan in Wills and Probate.