Whether you are worried about a criminal investigation, have been called for interview or have already been arrested and charged, we will  provide you with specialist legal advice, from highly skilled criminal defence lawyers.

We work on a fixed fee basis if you are not  eligible for legal aid, either way you will receive personal attention from a highly qualified solicitor from the outset and throughout. We also retain specialist criminal defence barristers at every level,

Our criminal defence team has a wealth of experience in all areas of criminal law, from sensitive and personal allegations to the most serious cases of fraud and homicide. We know that your reputation as well as your liberty are at stake and we fiercely defend our clients, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality and professionalism, to minimise any damage to your reputation.

Take Legal Advice Now

Never avoid taking advice about a criminal investigation, as delay can be fatal. And never communicate with the police or any criminal investigation agency without speaking to a specialist lawyer – even honest and innocent mistakes, in what you tell them, can be held against you if your case reaches the criminal courts.

Contact us and you will have the reassurance of speaking to an expert straight away, to advise you and to take over any criminal case on your behalf