With some of these things legal help is needed but it can be daunting getting that assistance.  We offer Ask the Legal Expert sessions for £99  which gives a face to face session with a lawyer to discuss any legal issues or problems, whether it be say a Will or a dispute with someone which has been niggling at you.  Should you then decide to instruct us to deal with your legal issue the £99 is taken from our costs.

Going back to it being a time for reflection it got me thinking about what helps set us apart from a lot of our competitors and, as with most things in life, it boils down to people.  We are a down to earth bunch and genuinely want to help people, about as far removed as possible from the stuffy elitist stereotype there can be of lawyers.  I am very proud of the people we have here at all levels.  The culture within the firm has changed a lot in recent years and for the better.  

I have recently had to deal on a personal basis with a lot of different professionals and trades and had very mixed experiences, from being quoted one thing and charged another to people not turning up when they say they will or even not at all.  Alongside that though have been positive experiences where people have exceeded expectations and been genuinely interested in helping.  

So I guess a New Years resolution is to keep doing well what we are doing right but to also honestly look at how we can improve. I want us to be one of those businesses who meet and exceed expectations, not one of those who disappoint.