5 tips to deal with post-divorce depression

Divorce can be a distressing experience; so it isn’t surprising that depression can be a consequence for some people. The best way to deal with it involves regaining control of your feelings and your life. Here are 5 tips to deal with post-divorce depression that could help you to get back on track.

Express your feelings in writing

You are likely to be feeling a whole raft of different and often conflicting feelings, which can be very difficult to deal with. One moment you might be feeling optimistic and hopeful and the next moment, everything can change. A good way to sort out your feelings is to write them down. One divorce counsellor we know asks his clients to write a letter in which they express how they feel about saying goodbye to all the things in life that they will leave behind after divorce such as their spouse, their in-laws or their home. Writing down your feelings is a great way to express yourself and can help you to better understand the cause of your negative feelings too.

Get sociable online

Blogging may be an interesting way to talk through how you feel about your divorce, and it could be a great way to focus your attention on to something new, as well as a way to help others too. You will find that there are already many other divorcees blogging out there too, who would be pleased to hear from you and share their experiences with you. It's an old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved, but it really is true.

Get sociable with real people

Whilst using the Internet to connect with others like you is great, there is nothing like a good old fashioned chat with friends and the people you trust, to help you get back on track. You may not be feeling very sociable or ready to face a group of friends but don’t feel you need to rush things, just take your time. Make time to catch up with existing friends, reconnect with old friends, and if possible or appropriate, try to keep in touch with the mutual friends of your ex-spouse. 

Renew your wardrobe

Another way to lift your mood is to get a new wardrobe. Whilst being cautious of your finances and budget, treating yourself to a few things now and again can help to feel positive about yourself and boost your self-esteem. It might make it feel more confident to reach out and meet new people.

Get plenty of exercise

Exercise is an excellent way of dealing with depression. Just taking long walks, going for a run or cycle ride, swimming or spending a few hours at the gym are great ways to work off those negative emotions. Exercise decreases the amount of ‘cortisol’, the so-called stress hormone, in our bodies resulting in reduced stress levels. Exercise also encourages our bodies to produce ‘endorphins’ which are nature’s way of numbing both physical and emotional pain. Exercise can even help you to sleep better.


These are just a few tips on dealing with post-divorce depression, but hopefully these will help you to feel back to normal. It is also important to deal with all the practical things too, as failing to address these can exacerbate how bad you are feeling. Although the divorce may be over, there still might be legal issues to address, so if you feel that you need help make sure that you find it. We've launched a pilot mentoring scheme that you could also find helpful to getting yourself on a positive path. We've also put together some advice on gaining control of your financial situation after a divorce and how to deal with guilt.

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