However, during October, if you're aged 55 years or over, our Will-writing service at QualitySolicitors David Roberts & Co is free of charge, which means that you can update your will or write a new one at no cost to you in the hope you'll leave a gift to Barnardo's.

Remembering a charity in your Will doesn’t cost you a penny during your lifetime, however it will make an enormous difference to the lives of children and their families who are in need of Barnardo's support.

Barnardo's in partnership with QualitySolicitors has agreed to pay the reduced cost of a basic will (£70) or for a mirror will (£120) plus VAT, so that supporters can receive this bespoke service without charge.

Using us at QualitySolicitors David Roberts & Co will ensure your Will is drawn up correctly and legally.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a wonderful legacy to those who need Barnardo's support, and whilst there is no obligation to leave a gift to the charity, most people who use the Scheme do remember Barnardo's, alongside family and friends in their Will.

Anybody wishing to know more can contact us at QualitySolictors David Roberts on 0151 639 9595.