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Equality at last

We learned recently that a third of law firms are now owned by women. When I first joined the firm back in 1998, there were five partners, one of which was a woman. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us but she did have the reputation of being the most intelligent! Office gossip aside the progress of women within the legal world is a welcome development.

Women still have a long way to go to achieve equality with men in this profession. Dig a little deeper and you find that solicitors are 52% male and 48% female but only 28.8% of those women are partners. There are many factors that account for this inequality, not least of which the pressures that having a family places on those women.

Within this firm, I have never been treated any differently due to my sex. Ability is recognised and rewarded regardless of whether you are male or female. I strongly suspect that in most other firms it is the same these days. More females are now gaining law degrees and pursuing legal careers than ever before and I predict that in another 10 years’ time that 28.8% will be approaching 50%

This firm has gone from being a majority male partnership to majority female, with myself being the first female managing partner. I believe that men and women have different qualities and different strengths and while they are equal, the differences should be celebrated.  I am firmly of the view, that it is the qualities each person brings to the table that truly matters when running this business.    

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