(Image c/o The Argus)

With a reported 30 tonnes of rubbish left on Brighton beach, each day of the heatwave, the impact on the environment has been on our Managing Partner, Jackie Gillespie's mind: 

My husband and I are very aware of the environment in which we live and monitor the daily UV levels (unusually high this June), pollution level (increasingly moderate – as opposed to low) and pollen levels – again high but not unexpected for this time of year.

I recently heard that Stephen Hawking has confirmed that we ought to be seeking new planets to live on as soon as possible…  this worried me indeed as if the only solution that one of the greatest minds of our time can come up with is to move, then we truly are in trouble.

America is of course the greatest concern as they now wish to pull out of the hard won Paris climate agreement. An agreement made by 194 other countries that had promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. America had signed up to cutting emissions by 26 – 28%. At least China is still committed but given the visible pollution in Bejing, who can blame them.

So, what can we do to prevent us all suffocating in the products of our own making? The answer of course, is everybody, and I mean everybody on the planet, making decisions that are kinder to the environment. 

Recycling; alternative means of transport; lobbying big business to more renewable and less toxic ways of manufacturing; reduce the purchase of single use plastic (there will soon be more plastic in the sea than fish if we go on consuming in the same way)

By the time everyone wakes up to the problem, I suspect it will be too late but then it will be the next generations problem, right?