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Managing Partner Jackie Gillespie - a glimpse inside

I had my first taste of a family festival at the bank holiday weekend – Elderflower Fields in Uckfield. What a great event. My daughter did like the idea of trying to climb trees and cross a stream on a fallen log and whilst it was great for her it was a bit nerve wracking for me. It’s not like she was suspended above raging rapids (more like a puddle), but my heart was in my mouth anyway until she got to the other side. In the end she was reassuring me…

I have recently started going to dance lessons again and realised what a joy it is to dance. I used to do modern jive and this time around I am trying my hand at Lindyhop which looks so much fun when you can actually do it properly. 

Partnered dancing is such a great skill and most of our grandparents knew how to do the more formal waltz and foxtrot etc. They must have been on to something as it is a great stress reliever producing those much needed endorphins in the brain.

Trying to encourage the rest of the firm to join me was a bit like pulling teeth but they just don’t know what they are missing. More people joined the footgolf instead. (I mean really! footgolf??).

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