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Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) for Health and Welfare: Your Questions Answered!

Who should make a Health and Welfare LPA?

Ø Everyone over 18

What sort of decision-making issues does a Health and Welfare LPA cover?

Ø Medical Treatment: for example, High Risk Surgery?

Ø Breathing and Feeding by Artificial Methods?

Ø Blood transfusions and tests?

Ø Physiotherapy?

Ø Nursing and Residential Care?

What are you looking at if you don’t have one?

Ø Being treated medically in ways contrary to your beliefs, faith or value system

Ø  A lengthy, costly and stressful application to the Court of Protection made on your behalf by distressed loved ones or family members that stands a very high chance of being rejected anyway (as the Courts are inclined to defer to doctors and social workers save in very exceptional cases)

Ø  A decision by the Court of Protection that runs contrary to your wishes (for the reasons given above)

Who should you call if you want a Health and Welfare LPA?

Ø  Frederick Parkinson, Solicitor of Quality Solicitors Acklam Bond on 01254 872 272 or email:

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