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Are you parking fine?

It is worth bearing in mind that however much of a nuisance they may appear to cause drivers, parking laws are in place for safety purposes, and to help traffic flow. Here's what our litigation solicitor Daniel Dickson had to say about what to do when you get a parking ticket and want to challenge it.

There are some instances where it may appear to the driver that parking in a disabled bay without displaying the correct documentation is unavoidable.

If you intend to appeal against a parking ticket, it is important to start collecting your evidence straight away. It is not unheard of for parking tickets to be issued with the incorrect time on them, for example.

The importance of photographic evidence should not be underestimated, and pictures should be taken of any unclear signs, bay markings or lines. You should also keep copies of any correspondence you’ve been sent from the parking enforcement company, and anything that you send back to them in response. You should also consider whether there are any witnesses who will be able to corroborate your story, and you should hold onto their details in case they are required to provide a statement.

Many local authorities publish the mitigating circumstances that they will consider in the event that you choose to appeal against your parking ticket. If you seek to rely on mitigating circumstances, it is important to keep any documents that reinforce your story, such as receipts or medical notes.

As well as this most local authorities now offer an amnesty which allows you a 10 minute “window” after the expiry of your ticket during which time you should not be issued with a ticket.

You must also bear in mind that paying the fine is considered to be an admission of liability, so if you want to appeal a ticket, don’t pay.

However, if you simply ignore the ticket without lodging an appeal, it is likely that the charges will increase further. The only exception to this rule lies where you have been clamped or towed away, at which stage you do need to pay first to get your motor released.

Read here for a recent story in the news about a shopper who put a doctor's note on her car explaining she had a broken leg and is furious to get a ticket for parking in a disabled bay.

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