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NRAM Update

We are pleased to announce that, at Howlett Clarke, we are looking to progress the NRAM enquiries that we have received to date following a positive result.

If you have completed and returned our NRAM questionnaire, we will be contacting you over the coming weeks with regards to progressing your enquiry.

We are busy putting into place the internal policies and procedures that will allow us to achieve the best results for NRAM Together mortgage/loan customers. We anticipate contacting those that have returned the questionnaire over the coming weeks. Owing to the sheer number of enquiries received this will take some time, and we will be dealing with the returned questionnaires in the order they were received.

If you have not completed the NRAM questionnaire but have an NRAM Together mortgage/loan over £25,000 then we would be pleased to hear from you. Please complete our questionnaire and return it to us at


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Are you a Northern Rock (NRAM) ‘Together’ mortgage/loan customer?

Read why we think we might be able to seek recompense for you.​

Following the Court of Appeal decision in NRAM Plc v McAdam & Anor [2015] EWCA Civ 751 (bailii link here) at Howlett Clarke we have popped on our thinking caps and we are now eager to hear from you if you are a Northern Rock Asset Management customer and have taken out a ‘Together’ mortgage/loan over £25,000. 

The decision has left a bad taste in the mouth of many NRAM customers as it was held that the loan contracts were unregulated and therefore not caught by the provisions of Consumer Credit Act. Many NRAM ‘Together’ customers were misinformed by NRAM and told that the loan would be regulated under the Act, when in fact it was not.

In the McAdam case, the Court ruled that the bank had misrepresented the position to its customers. At paragraph 57 of the judgment it is stated by the Court of Appeal:

“in our view the relevant statements on any basis amounted to a representation by NRAM that the loan agreement was an agreement regulated by the 1974 [Consumer Credit] Act and that the borrowers were entitled to the protections afforded by the Act to borrowers under such regulated agreements.”

So clearly the bank has misrepresented the position. So, what was the remedy for the consumer? Unfortunately, the Court went on to state that it is likely that most potential claims would fail due to a limitation period of 6 years since entering into the original agreement – meaning that the claims may be statute barred and could not proceed against NRAM.

However, at Howlett Clarke, after much contemplation of the Court of Appeal ruling we believe that there may be a way of seeking redress for those NRAM customers with a ‘Together’ mortgage/loan, that have been affected by the case.

Therefore, if you have or have had an NRAM ‘Together’ mortgage/loan and the loan was for over £25,000 then please get in touch with us as we are eager to hear from you, regardless of where you are in the UK.

We are asking all those who have had an NRAM 'Together' mortgage/lon to fill in out the questionnaire we have created. The questionnaire can be found by clicking the link here. Once completed, please email it to us at

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