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Taking the hassle (and expense) out of writing your will

For many of us making a will is something we know we should do but never quite get round to. Of course, it's important not to put it off and the good news is that at quality solicitors Truemans, making a will could be much easier, quicker and less expensive than you think.

We know how important is for you to relax knowing that you've planned for whatever the future holds. 

Everyone should have a will. If you don't have a will then any money and property you own will not be distributed necessarily inline with your own wishes but rather by the strict list of entitlement created by the state. Ultimately, and most importantly to you, this often leads to much stress and upset within your family, those who mean the most. 

Writing your own will can go very wrong if you don't know how to do it. Writing your own will is not as simple as it's looks. QS Truemans have been writing wills for twenty years. The process with us is fast, straightforward and hassle free. Most importantly, you will be confident that your wishes are met when planning for your family. 

Throughout July we are campaigning for everyone to make a valid and up to date will. To help you complete yours we are offering our wills at only £150 plus vat for a single person will or £200 plus vat for a couple wishing to make mirror wills. These are savings of up to £100. 

We offer free initial assessment so that you can find out about our service without any obligation. We promise a same day response to your enquiry. We promise no hidden costs.

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