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Brighton Housing Boom!

In the news this week, exciting plans are afoot for the future of Brighton property, in both the luxury and affordable housing markets.

First up is the ever evolving proposed development along Madeira Terraces. The Chalk Architecture director has made plans for a new green open space to sit on the roof of luxury flats. As well as this, further consideration for a hotel along with shops, bars, restaurants, workshops and offices on the ground floor have been discussed.

Also, good news for first time buyers, as plans for 1,000 new flats are being developed to use sites owned by the Council to generate new housing consisting of shared ownership or affordable rents. Whilst there are different ways affordable housing is dealt with, the most common of these is shared ownership where someone buys a percentage of a property and pays rent on the rest with the option of buying additional shares in the future.

Our head of conveyancing Warren had this to say about Brighton’s housing news;

“These types of schemes allow people on lower incomes to get onto the property ladder so, on the face of it, are a good thing.  This is particularly important in areas such as Brighton where house prices remain high compared with the majority of the country. 

Beyond home ownership though there is talk of a hotel, restaurants and other commercial units.  This could in theory regenerate an area of the city as well as providing jobs and revenue.”

At QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke we have a lot of experience in assisting people buying brand new homes including shared ownership.  We understand how daunting it can be particularly for first time buyers; here at Howlett Clarke we will put you at ease by supporting you every step of the way. Please get in touch with our conveyancing team to discuss the options available to you, give us a call today on 01273 327272.

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